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    About me
    I was born in Leningrad. I started my career as a child. At the age of eight, on the accordion, which my uncle gave me, I picked up the song "Eh roads" (not knowing musical notation, only by ear). When I was 10-12 years old, a mysterious man, tall, wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and a white raincoat, came to school and began to select boys who had a sense of rhythm to become pioneer drummers. When my turn came, I repeated exactly all the rhythms that this mysterious man had set. He was surprised and took off his hat. He asked, "Do you want to play in a brass band?”. "On a huge drum?"…
    So I got into the orchestra of the House of Pioneers of the Nevsky district. However, I didn't like the big drum – it was heavy and rough. But the cornet was a fairy tale, I played it for several years, but later switched to the trumpet. I also composed my first melodies on it.
    When I turned 18, I was drafted into the border troops and asked if I could play any instruments. I said no. Why? To be honest, I just didn’t want to be in the training squad, I was attracted to the service at the outpost, a real romance.
    However, I couldn’t go without music during these two years of service. Once in the Kamchatka border District, I played in an ensemble for six months and even toured the region.
    I was a soloist.
    The amazing melodies of Tariverdiev, Petrov, Paul Maria Orchestra, ABBA groups, Secret Service, Italian and French pop were so fascinating and exciting that I decided to bond my life with music forever.
    Later I entered the musical college named after Mussorgsky to the department of pop vocals. Although the school usually does not accept applicants without an elementary musical education, Yana
    Leonidovna Kobina, a vocal teacher, took me to her class right after the audition.
    During my studies, I sang in the choir of the Church of St. George the Victorious, participated
    in numerous concerts at city venues, holidays, and in military units. Under the direction of Yana
    Leonidovna, I performed as a part of the vocal quartet DOUBLE-1, in which, by the way,
    my friend Alexander Grebenshchikov, a famous St. Petersburg singer, participated.
    One of the brightest stages in my career was working with Marina Kapuro in the ABBAMANIA
    project in 2005, in which I participated as a backing vocalist. Concerts then took place in the St.
    Petersburg Music Hall. Over time, the songs in my performance began to sound on the radio BALTIKA, 100 "FM-TV" and TRC PETERSBURG.
    Creativity on display
    «The Winter Trio»
    «The birds»
    Сreativity in music
    «The winter trio» О. Fokina / O. Fokina
    «Lara» Y.Negin / Y.Negin
    «Nurse» О.Fokina / М.Makeeva
    «Shepherd» A.Lepekhin / A.Lepekhin
    «The Wizard» Y.Negin / S. Federov
    «Bella» Y.Negin / Y.Negin
    «My love» R.Taiganov / R.Taiganov
    «Dream» Y.Negin / Y.Negin
    «Tu verras» Shiku Buarki / Unknown

    My new project «Lilac Rain»

    Dear friends, I have launched a new project "LILAC RAIN". If you like my creativity, if you
    want to hear my new songs in Russian and French, please support it!
    Сreativity for children
    You can play these songs for free. If you want to perform them under a minus sign, you need to contact the author in the contacts section.
    «The clouds» composer Y.Negin / poet Y.Tsirkunova
    «Magician» composer Y.Negin / poet Zh.Isaenko
    «Your voice» composer Y.Negin / poet Y.Negin
    I invite musical groups, soloists and songwriters to cooperate.
    Creativity in arts
    Music for cinema and theater
    «To the stars»
    «In the rain»
    «Night trip»
    I write music for full-length and short films, TV series, cartoons, as well as musicals.
    «Let's go»
    You can use these melodies by contacting the author of the compositions.
    I invite directors and producers to cooperate
    Сreativity in advertising
    Order an audio advertisement, a promotional song or a jingle
    Medical service
    To order
    Sound advertising
    The cost
    Singer 2 000 ₽/час
    Composer 3 000 ₽
    Announcer 2 000 ₽/час
    Lyrics 3 000 ₽
    Arrangement and recording 10 000 ₽
    Examples of my work
    I invite companies to cooperate to create music ads, screensavers.
    Сreativity and business

    Services of a singer, composer, music to order, music for theater and cinema, music for advertising, children's songs to order, jingles

    «My love» (fragment) – 60 000₽
    «The hands of the clock» (fragment) – 40 000₽
    «Bella» (fragment)– 80 000₽
    For male vocals
    «I love you» (fragment) – 50 000₽
    «Dream» (fragment) – 40 000₽
    «To new worlds» (fragment) - 60 000₽
    «At the edge» (demo fragment) – 30 000₽
    «The Wizard» (fragment) – 40 000₽
    For a duet
    «Dream - duet» (fragment) – 50 000₽
    To purchase a song, contact the author. I invite performers, songwriters and arrangers to cooperate.
    My music
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